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The first of its kind

Green Energy.pro’s CIGS-solar solutions empower vehicles to generate clean energy, reducing reliance on diesel and dramatically minimizing harmful CO2 emissions.

Our new charge controller, with a built-in IoT solution, documents significant CO2 reduction, massive fuel savings, extended electric vehicle range, and reduced wear on batteries and generators – all of which can be substantiated through CO2 reports.

Solar panels

Superior technology

Our solar panels are not just solar panels. We have developed and created a solar panel that is extremely flexible, extremely thin, and extremely efficient. The solar panels utilise CIGS technology and are only 3 mm thin and weigh only 2.2 kg/square metre. This makes them ideal for vehicles.

CiGS Solar Panels
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Redefining solar power for vehicles

At Green Energy.pro, our solar solutions for transportation fall under the term MIPV, which stands for Mobile Integrated PhotoVoltaic. In simple terms, MIPV signifies a groundbreaking technology that seamlessly integrates solar power into vehicles, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With MIPV, we are transforming the way vehicles use and generate power, contributing to a cleaner and greener future

Driving change with green energy

Our solar-powered solutions not only enhance your vehicle’s energy efficiency but also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. By harnessing the sun’s energy, our CIGS technology ensures that your vehicle operates more sustainably, relying less on traditional power sources. This not only benefits the environment but also makes a positive impact on your overall energy consumption
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What to expect of solar panels for vehicles?

There are many benefits to installing our plug and play solar panel solution on your vehicle. You benefit from fuel savings, minimised CO2 emissions, extended battery and alternator life, not to mention the safety of always having green power available for electronic devices. This is what we call green energy.

+25 years of efficiency
Fuel savings
CO2 savings
Double battery lifespan
Limitless Green Energy
Charge devices anywhere
Limitless Green Energy

Endless possibilities

Doubtful if Green Energy’s solar panel solution fits your needs? Dive into the details below.

The CIGS technology and our unique design open up a multitude of possibilities within the transportation sector. With a flexible construction and advanced technology, our solar panels provide an ideal solution for vehicles, where they can be integrated in various ways to meet specific transportation needs. This versatility makes our solar panels an efficient and sustainable energy source adaptable to different modes of transport.

300+ L
Fuel saved / year
Outlets for charging
500+ L
Fuel saved / year
Camping inverter
Camping inverter

Some of the benefits of choosing CIGS solar panels for transport

Efficiency and performance

CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenide) solar panels are known for high efficiency and reliability, even in varying light conditions, with one of the highest efficiency levels. This ensures optimal utilisation of solar energy for electricity and maintains stable performance on vehicles operating in a variety of environments.

Lightweight and flexible

These lightweight solar panels, at 3 mm thickness and 2.2 kg per square meter, are easy to install on vehicle roofs. Their flexibility allows mounting on different vehicle types and sizes without adding extra weight, making them ideal for energy-efficient transportation.

Optimized space utilisation

CIGS panels have a high energy density. This means more power on smaller surfaces, which is ideal for busses with a limited roof size. They can be glued on without the need for drilling holes and can be adapted to the surface, making it possible to install on the vehicle.

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Durability and reliability

Built for durability, CIGS solar panels withstand external factors, ensuring reliable functionality over many years. This reliability is crucial for transport companies seeking a long-term energy solution that guarantees efficient power throughout the panel’s lifetime.

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No micro cracks or fire hazard

Designed for life on the road, CIGS-solar panels resist vibrations without developing micro cracks, eliminating the risk of fire hazards associated with small cracks. This safety feature is paramount for transport companies prioritizing passenger and vehicle safety.

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Sustainable solution

Produced from low environmental impact materials without toxic substances like cadmium, CIGS panels contribute to sustainability. Utilizing recycled materials, such as copper from cable scrap and indium and gallium from electronics, minimizes raw material consumption and supports recyclability.

Minimal loss of performance at high temperatures

CIGS solar panels are designed to thrive in both cold and hot environments without fire hazards, damage, or reduced performance. Their efficiency remains consistent in changing weather conditions, providing drivers assurance of a reliable power supply regardless of temperature fluctuations.

Explore even more benefits of CIGS solar panels

Sustainability for a brighter tomorrow

At Green Energy.pro, we believe in sustainable solutions that make a positive impact. Our CIGS solar technology not only powers your vehicle but also represents a commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow. Embrace a brighter future with our solar solutions.
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EUROPART holds a prominent position in the transportation sector, boasting an extensive network throughout Europe. Their far-reaching influence plays a pivotal role in shaping industry trends and ensuring broad access to innovative solutions for a diverse audience.

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We fight for a greener future

Green Energy.pro stands for an unwavering belief in the green revolution, but for it to succeed, everyone must join the movement, one step at a time.

The transport industry is a major contributor to climate impact, and green transport has never been more important.

CIGS technology marks a necessary green shift in the transport sector and fits perfectly with the industry’s climate goals. Investing in this technology provides significant CO2 reductions, lowers operating costs and extends the range of electric vehicles. In addition, it reduces wear and tear on batteries and generators, leading to savings and more efficient vehicle operation.

The intelligent charge controller with data logger enables companies to future-proof their operations and prepare for upcoming industry regulations.

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