Arndt Güternah & Fernverkehr – a company with a green approach

The German freight forwarding company Arndt Güternah & Fernverkehr always provides a high-quality service. Now, they run greener with solar cells on the roof

Since 1990, the freight forwarding company Arndt Güternah & Fernverkehr GmbH, which has its main offices in Hammelspring north of Berlin, has provided special road transport. A service that requires reliability, quality, and the largest possible degree of flexibility, to assure the client the optimal service.

Through a combination of a modern truck fleet and the most recent solutions in telematics, planning certainty is increased. Now, they have adopted yet another solution in delivering a reliable service. The company has installed solar cells on two of its Mercedes Benz trucks.

Arndt Güternah & Fernverkehr

Heavy and special transportation in safe hands

With a fleet of approximately 50 vehicles, with and without cranes, with stackers and special vehicles for transportation of e.g., glass fronts, Arndt are able to deliver a solution for the most part and it does not matter if it is for just around the corner or transportation over long distances. This is where the new solar cells make a major difference. Christian Arndt, foreman of the garage, explains: ”We have many batteries that are most important for our truck fleet to run, and normally a battery lasts for 1.5 years. With the new solar cells, the battery lifespan is prolonged and thereby we have less battery replacements. A clear gain when it comes to day-to-day operations, the budget, and the environment.

Installment on the first two vehicles

The German technician Oliver Heinze from Green Energy/ has assisted in installing the first 110Wp set on two Mercedes Benz Actros L MP5 with a platform and crane. On the question why solar cells from Green Energy/ were chosen, Christian Arndt says: “We heard about the product through EUROPART. It was an easy choice because of the enormous robustness and flexibility of the panels. It is our goal to install solar cells on more of our vehicles.”

Arndt Güternah & Fernverkehr

Green Energy/ congratulates Arndt Güternah & Fernverkehr with the first two sets.

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