The Bartikowski auto garage is riding the green wave

The mechanics at the Bartikowski auto garage will keep your car or truck running. They are now installing MIPV solar panels as a certified installation partner

Since 1980 Jörg Bartikowski has managed his auto garage in Gelsenkirchen, north of Essen in Germany. Now, the auto garage is expanding its business by becoming a certified installation partner for EUROPART, installing solar panels products from Green Energy/ As an installation partner, the mechanics can help others ride the green wave.  

A complete solution in a single place

The Bartikowski auto garage currently has 12 employees and 10 service trucks, and they offer a complete service of all cars and trucks, as well as towing and mobile services. This means that the mechanics go directly to the client to fix the problem quickly, a solution that saves the client time – a crucial factor for everyone, especially in the transportation business. In connection with the certification, a 165Wp solar panel set has been installed on one of the garage’s Mercedes Sprinter vans.

Jörg Bartikowski

A durable solution with great benefits

With the certification, the Bartikowski auto garage has become part of the large network of installation partners for products from Green Energy/ and the network is expanding quickly. Assisting the certification, Oliver Böcher from Green Energy/ met with CEO Jörg Bartikowski for a short talk on choosing solar panel installations and becoming an installation partner for Green Energy.

With our mobile service, it is important to have enough power to stay on the site without idling. This solution reduces carbon emissions, ensures an increased battery lifespan, and provides operational reliability for us. Even though the warning light is on, the service truck will start every time. We heard of the product through EUROPART, and the choice wasn’t hard. The product is easy to assemble with this plug-and-play solution. We are looking forward to offering installations on our clients’ vehicles,” Jörg Bartikowski says enthusiastically.   

We congratulate Bartikowski GmbH on the certification and the first installation.

Jörg Bartikowski

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All our solutions are negotiated through EUROPART, so contact your local EUROPART department today for more information and prices, and drive towards a greener future.


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