BISEK-ASFALT clears the way for others

The way to success is built on asphalt at BISEK-ASFALT. With solar panels on the roof, the trucks are driving towards a greener future

The company BISEK-ASFALT, headquartered in Kostomloty in the south of Poland, offers a wide range of services within service- and production activities. Emphasis is put on constructing, modernising, and renovating roads, sites, and bridges. The company has chosen to mount solar panels on its trucks and steps into the expanding family of users of CIGS-solar panels.

Broad professionalism and great experience

Since 2007, the company has worked on constructing and modernising roads and sites with different surfaces. The construction of other water technical constructions, gas services, and water- and wastewater systems. The maintenance of road surfacing, the rental of construction equipment and demolition equipment with operator services. In addition to that, they also offer road transport of goods with specialised vehicles, the production and sale of asphalt mixes as well as the crushing of bituminous waste. The 60 employees of the company make sure to deliver the best service every day. With the help of the employees, the company aspires to be abreast of market requirements and live up to its needs. Dependability, professionalism and quality are the keywords for all employees. 


The ability to embrace new technologies

There is a large interest in new technologies and ways to implement them at the company. This way, they can create better flows of work and improve quality and effectiveness to the delight of employees and customers. This is the reason why the company has chosen to mount 110Wp solar panels on their Volvo Trucks.

Bartek Jankowski from Green Energy/ has been a part of the installation. The mounting of the solar panels falls in line with the company’s desire to reduce carbon emissions and increase operational safety. With this installation, the company can save more than 500 litres of fuel per truck every year. Furthermore, the company informs that when the test phase is over, it is intended to install solar panels on more of the 40 trucks of the company.

Congratulations to the company for the first installation.

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