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Black Box Power Station

Green energy powerstation

Power on the go

When it comes to performance and stability, there is no need to compromise. With a Black Box Power Station, you get everything you need in one compact package. It features built-in 230V outputs, along with a built-in charge controller and battery, ensuring you always have power on the go.

The Black Box comes equipped with a 220Wp high-voltage solar panel set, comprising four flexible CIGS solar panels. This setup maximizes energy capture and provides ample power generation capability, even in challenging conditions. With the Black Box Power Station, you can enjoy reliable and sustainable power wherever your adventures take you.

CIGS solar panels and the Black Box

 A black box serves as a central unit in a solar power setup. It collects, stores, and distributes solar energy from the panels, providing reliable power for electrical devices even when direct sunlight isn’t available. With a built-in charge controller, it regulates the flow of electricity to protect the battery and ensure optimal performance. This integrated solution is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications.


CIGS is the term for the type of solar panels we produce and stands for Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenide, which are the materials used in the production of a CIGS solar panel.

Photovoltaic (PV)

Photovoltaic is the term for converting light into electricity through semiconducting materials

Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic (MIPV)

MIPV is what we call our solar panels because they are so well suited to be integrated on vehicles (hence ‘mobile’), as shaking, bumps and vibrations have no effect on them.

Fast and easy

Plug and Play – We've Done the Prep Work for You

Our Black Box solution is designed as a plug-and-play solution, making it as simple as possible for you as a customer. With our plug-and-play solution, you don’t have to shop around and risk ending up with unused parts. We ensure that all necessary components are included in the box, making it easy and convenient for you.

With our complete plug-and-play solution, you can be sure that all parts fit the exact kit you have ordered. This prevents you from purchasing the wrong cables or adhesives that may not withstand the elements. All connectors are already attached to the cables, so all you need to do is follow the instructions to connect them.

Black Box

Functions and performance

2 x 230V outlets
4 x USB ports
4 x USB-C ports
2.05 kWh LiFePO4 battery
4.000 full charges/discharges
80% discharge up to 8,000 times
3.000W build in inverter
advanced softstart
Peak load of 5,000W (up to 5 min)
Incl. 58,2 Volt Booster
L520 x W290 x H230 mm.
build in monitoring
3 years of full guarantee
All inclusive

All you need in one package

CiGS Solar Panels
Green energy powerstation
Black Box Powerstation
20/40 meter PV kabel
connection set
PV connection set
58,2 Volt Booster
Cable penetration box
Fits all vehicles

Tailor-made solutions

With MIPV.pro’s plug & play system, we can provide customised installations that ensure power for heating the cabin, sockets and USB ports for 230V, and recharging of hand tools for vehicles that are not connected to external power or network.

The plug & play system is designed to customise the power build-up for any need and for all types of vehicles. This makes it easy for our customers to get exactly the solution they want, without limitations.


How a solar panel set works


The CIGS solar panels captures the light from the sun. Even with cloudy weather, CIGS solar panels are able to produce electricity

The light from the sun is converted into electricity, which charges a battery. A larger solar panel set means a greater production. The battery is used to store the electricity produced by the solar panels

To make use of the power that the solar panels have added to the storage in the battery, an inverter must be connected.

The function of the inverter is to convert the current from the battery to a suitable voltage so that the power can be used for various things.

Once the inverter has started up, you’re ready to use the green power. No more idling to charge various electronic devices. Simply plug what you need directly into the inverter and you’ll have green power straight to you.

Care for the environment

A better world with less waste

The CIGS technology in solar panels is an impressive technology that makes a significant difference to the environment. By using only approx. 3% of the total amount of material used by traditional crystalline solar panels, CIGS panels can significantly reduce overall resource consumption. In addition, CIGS solar panels have a shorter environmental “payback time” of only approx. 1.7 years, compared to traditional solar panels payback periods ranging from 5.6 to 30 years.

Another interesting detail is that indium and gallium, which are two of the ingredients in CIGS panels, are also found in your smartphone screen. In fact, you can produce 100m2 of solar panels with just a single smartphone screen. It’s amazing to think how much potential this technology has to improve our world and reduce our environmental impact.

Green energy powerstation
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Black Box Power Station

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Black Box Power Station - ES3000+

Black Box Powerstation
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