Bönders GmbH Spedition offers its customers optimum logistic solutions. From now on, it will be with the help of solar cells on top of their fleet of vehicles

Every day the logistics company Bönders GmbH strives to deliver the best logistics service to their customers. As a part of the B+K Group, the company offers logistics services from one source. As part of their services and being a 3PL (Third-party Logistics Provider), they provide integrated solutions throughout the value chain in the interface between processes, IT, and organization. The company’s pursuit of optimizing its procedures and desire to create the best possible working conditions for its employees has now led them to install solar cells on top of its trucks

The clearly defined vision is the guide

Bönders GmbH, with its headquarters in Krefeld, north of Düsseldorf, has a clear vision for the future and its 450 employees spread across 10 locations. The primary focus is long-term customer loyalty, which has been built through close contact and active collaboration. The aforementioned has led to the company’s success so far. The philosophy behind its success is that it can only be obtained with experienced and motivated workers. Engagement from the company in their employees, job security, working conditions, and creating a positive culture are the cornerstones of creating an environment where you learn from your mistakes. These mistakes should be a possibility to optimize the operation and a motivation to improve every parameter in every operational line.

Thoughts become actions

It’s not just words. The company has clearly defined its goals and visions. The vision translates into reality every day when the use of pollutants and periodic maintenance is reduced while optimizing the fleet by reducing emissions. The company takes its social responsibility very seriously. That responsibility benefits customers, employees, and the surrounding community. For example, the freight forwarder supports a project that seeks to teach children about road safety. Through their cooperation with several local companies, they have created a coloring- and workbook distributed free of charge to school children.

A new step with a clear mission

The company’s wish to offer the best service, spare the environment and create the best working conditions for their employees has now led to the first installation of a 165 Wp solar cell set on top of one of its 32 owned vehicles, a Mercedes Actros 1846.

Oliver Böcher from Green Energy/MIPV.pro, who has been a part of the installation, has met with the workshop manager Kurt Sentges to chat about the reasoning for installing solar panels. “One of our clear goals is to pollute the environment as little as possible. We believe that solar cells can help us archive exactly that. Avoiding idling will lead to a significant reduction in CO2 Emissions. while improving our operational reliability and battery lifespan. This reflects upon our operational and economic savings that benefit our customers. EUROPART drew our attention to the products. We were impressed with how simple the installation of the panels was. At the end of the test phase, the plan is to install more solar cells on our vehicles” Kurt Sentges concludes.

We congratulate GmbH Spedition on the installation.

Read more about the company here: www.bk-group.com

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