BTZ Möckern educates the automotive industry

At the BTZ education centre, they offer education for the automotive industry. Now, they have also introduced the installation of solar panels to the curriculum

As the largest centre for education and technology in the automotive industry in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, BTZ Möckern equips its students with the latest knowledge and skills required for working in the field. Now, they have added solar panels to their timetable.  

An education centre with extensive experience 

The education centre was established in 1990 and already from the beginning, it distinguished itself with a wide range of training and further education courses, both regionally and nationally in the automotive industry. 

In 1993, BTZ was recognized as one of the first institutions for emissions testing. Under the patronage of the Saxony-Anhalt State Guild for the automotive industry as the sole shareholder, a modern 34,000 m2 training compound perfectly adapted to meet educational requirements was built. These facilities have since their inauguration in 1997 grown considerably and now offer 136 seats for practical training and 120 seats for theoretical education. 


Modern facilities and curiosity create the perfect setting 

To ensure an optimal learning curve, they use state-of-the-art training equipment and systems for analysis and diagnostics. The institution offers anything from one-day courses to advanced perennial qualification training. In accordance with the most recent quality requirements for the automotive industry, ways of reducing carbon emissions have had a great deal of focus. This is where solar panels enter the picture. The cooperation between BTZ Möckern and EUROPART Barleben resulted in an installation course for Green Energy/ solar panels. 

A variety of students ensures product knowledge 

Gerd-Michael Röper from Green Energy/ has assisted in the installation of a 110Wp solar panel set on a MAN TGX 18.480 semi-trailer truck as part of a team training course. In this training course, the participants were introduced to our other products. Here he has met with CEO Michael Kock for a talk on participants and choosing our products.

”As the largest education centre, it is important for us to have a finger on the pulse. We are happy to offer this type of training, which has had 10 participants from such different backgrounds as car mechanics, fleet managers, appraisers, and teachers. Focusing on emissions testing, the solar panels from Green Energy/ might be a solution and we’ve gotten a great introduction for this course,” says Michael Kock. 

We congratulate BTZ Möckern on the first installation and a course well completed. 



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