World Premiere: Revolutionary Charge Controller Is Securing the Future of the Transport Industry

The world’s first intelligent MPPT Charge Controller with a built-in IoT solution delivers accurate CO2 emission reports to road hauliers

Sustainable transport solutions are more important than ever. All over the world, it is a demand that we lower the climate forces from the transport industry – with good reasoning. Today the industry bears a serious responsibility for the total CO2 emission. Therefore, several goals have been presented to reduce fuel usage, idle driving and CO2 emission.

Green data is the future

The future will surely hold new regulation policies and increased climate awareness among consumers, which means that companies need to navigate after a green bottom line. At the centre of this development is taking advantage of the data to increase insights into energy usage, proactively finding ways of improvement and documenting the change effects. 

All over the world, road hauliers install solar panels on their fleet, but until now, it has been a challenge to measure data that proves the reduction in fuel usage, idle driving, and CO2 emission.

The good news is that the world’s first intelligent MPPT Charge Controller with a built-in IoT solution solves the problem and makes it easy to measure and derive the exact effect of the solar panel solutions from Green Energy/

Charge controller

Reliable data collection

Green Energy/ has patented the revolutionary Charge Controller that combines AI and specialised software. By doing so, they enable the tracing, data collection and surveillance of vehicles all over the world around the clock.

The data is measured, documented, analysed and verified using Machine Learning (AI) and self-developed specialised software. With the first Charge Controller in the world, it is possible to change everything from firmware, software and setting remotely. This means that if any unit does not live up to the set expectations, it is possible by using remote control to adapt and adjust the Charge Controller that it concerns with great precision. 

The result is that the Charge Controller can derive the exact fuel saving and CO2 reduction, which means it can deliver an accurate CO2 report that may help the road haulier create CO2 calculations.

A greener industry

Big data is the future. And with Green Energy/’s combination of AI and specialised software, it becomes a highway. Accessing data creates new opportunities to start making a difference for the climate and environment, while the new technology also makes it possible for the transport and logistics sector to lower costs and increase effectiveness while creating a greener industry. 

The solution speaks to the green agenda and is a valuable resource for the industry as it makes it possible to collect and analyse data accurately and reliably. By doing so, the energy data can be used to develop businesses and boost green transformation. 

We believe that by making it easy and economically advantageous to choose the green path, we can make the big boys in the transport industry more eco-friendly. Our Charge Controller, which features a data logger, derives accurate data from the Danish-developed CIGS solar cells, that not only makes it possible for the industry to become more eco-friendly but also for us and our customers to document the great savings that our solar cells provide,” tells Karl Andreassen, CEO at Green Energy/

Energy improvements are a competitive tool

Our Charge Controller is part of an essential green transition in the transport industry and goes hand in glove with the climate targets. Reliable green data is a way to ensure your company. Companies with CO2 reports are ready to accommodate the new restrictions the industry will experience in upcoming years”, says Karl Andreassen. It is a win-win game for everyone – the industry, their customers and the climate.” He concludes.

The Charge Controller is just the start of a major development process where Green Energy/, in the future will launch a series of new products that will include the usage of AI. Not only does this mean that all of the company’s products will work together in the future, but also that at this very moment, significant technological advancements are being made in the industry, which can make a difference – not only for the company but also the CO2-calculations. 

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