Data sheets

Technical data sheets

We’re currently updating our data sheets, and they’re briefly unavailable on our site. If you need a data sheet for your product, you can contact us here, and we will send one to you

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NP1000R12 Inverter - 1.000W / 12V

NP1000R24 Inverter - 1.000W / 24V

NPR2000R12 Inverter - 2.000W / 12V

NPR2000R24 Inverter - 2.000W / 24V

NPR3000R12 Inverter - 3.000W / 12V

NPR3000R24 Inverter - 3.000W / 24V

​NPR4000R12 Inverter - 4.000W / 12V

​NPR4000R24 Inverter - 4.000W / 24V

CIGS solar panel 115-55​

CIGS solar panel 115-55 HV

CIGS solar panel 185-80

CIGS solar panel 215-95

CC30A12-24 - 30A charge controller

CC50A12-24​ - 50A charge controller

MPPT solar Charge Controller

LiFePO4 battery - LAR200

NPR Series Inverter ​

TFS Inverter - TFS2000R