Josef Finkl KG is building semi-trailers with solar panels

Finkl warrants high quality. They offer tailored solutions for animal transportation and now with solar panel installations for better operational safety

At the family-owned company Josef Finkl KG in Bissingen, North of Munich in Germany, they build vehicles for animal transportation. A speciality that sets high-quality demands and has strict legislation attached to it. The company now offers mounting and installation of solar panels which improves animal welfare during transportation.

85 years of business development has remained family owned

It all started in 1938 when Josef Finkl leased a forging shop and a cart forge in Markt, Bissingen. Already in 1949, the foundation of the current company headquarters was set in the outskirts of Bissingen. The production of agricultural carts and horse transportation came first. Then in the 1960s, the assortment widened with carts for the construction industry. The company produced equipment that was used for building facilities for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich among other things. From the 1980s the company specialised in its current speciality, the construction of animal transportation. And today their vehicles are marketed all over Europe. The company is still run by the Finkl family, currently by the grandchild Josef.

Investment in future employees

The demand for the company’s products is growing and besides the established headquarters, the company acquired another production branch in 2006. This time in Roggendorf by Schwerin. Now, a total of 90 highly educated employers, from car manufacturers and painters to technicians, work here. Since the company was established it has been a natural part of the process to educate young people, and this practice, of course, continues in the new branches too.

Innovative solutions are also ideal for animal transportation

Oliver Heinze from Green Energy/ participated in the installation and handled the certification procedure that made the company certified to install our solar panel products, which are traded through EUROPART. A 640 Wp was mounted and installed on a Mercedes Actros for a client. In connection with this, workshop manager Eric Frahm comments on why they chose our products:

When we are building animal transportation vehicles the roof consists of a thin layer of GRP panels. These thin solar panels are the best solution for that purpose as their weight is only 2,2 kilograms per square meter. Also, we are improving operational safety by letting the batteries get charged by the panels and the battery lifespan is prolonged. Transportation time is important when transporting livestock, so a breakdown is a catastrophe. And then there is the financial bonus attached to the visible fuel reduction” Eric Frahm concludes.  

We congratulate Josef Finkl KG on the new certification.

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