The transport business Giesker & Laakmann takes part in protecting the environment

The freight forwarding company Giesker & Laakmann dares to innovate – the first truck is now equipped with solar panels for the benefit of the company and the environment

For four generations, the freight forwarding company has offered transportation within the logistic of building materials. Every day 160 employees work to continue this story with success. The goal is not only to be a dynamic and modern company but also to focus on sustainable management. This is displayed through charity projects and in the effort of keeping the environmental impact at a minimum. Besides investing in gas-driven trucks, this has also resulted in the investment of solar panels for the fleet. The first set has recently been installed. 

The motto: determined, flexible, reliable 

The transport company based in Nottuln is divided into two separate businesses: forwarding and truck service. With a fleet of 95 vehicles, the freight forwarding company ensures that building materials are delivered on time, flexibly, and reliably. The truck service consists of a garage for commercial vehicles and a truck wash – not only company cars are serviced and washed here, third-party vehicles are too. Here the circle ends: Now also equipped with solar panels, the garage provides safe and modern working equipment. This way the transport service is done correctly and on time. At the same time, the truck wash also ensures that the company gets a clean and well-groomed look. 

The new installation partner shows how it’s done 

Oliver Böcher from Green Energy/ has supervised the first installation of a 165Wp solar panel set. It was done on one of the company’s MAN trucks at Giesker & Laakmann truck service in Nottuln. He also oversaw the certification of the company, which means the truck service can now install solar panels for its clients in cooperation with EUROPART.

Workshop manager Micheal Theile explain why they chose products from Green Energy/ ”We learned about the products from EUROPART. Besides, ADM provided both a recommendation and financing. Environmental protection and operational reliability were important reasons for us, with fuel savings and carbon neutrality added as a bonus. We have already bought 9 more sets, which are getting installed as we speak.” 

We congratulate Giesker & Laakmann on the new solar panel sets and the company certification. 

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