GN Group Kft. is looking forward to the future

The transport company, GN Group, is going green. They have installed the first solar panel set on one of their semi-trailer trucks

The international shipping, forwarder, and transport company, GN Group Kft., is based in Hungary. Owner and CEO, Gábor Nagy, has since 2009 run a business that is both liked and disliked. Because the transportation business is often targeted with rumors of pollution, bothering noise, exhaust gases, and idling. This problem CEO Gábor Nagy now fixes with the installation of solar panels on the roof of one of the company’s Mercedes semi-trailer trucks hereby saving between 500-700 liters of diesel.

GN Group

International transportation of fruits and vegetables

Based in Györ north of Budapest in Hungary, the company, with the help of its 25 employees, ensures the delivery of fruits and vegetables internationally. Daily, the company’s 14 semi-trailer trucks transport goods that require the greatest care and a steady temperature. On time-delivery and temperature stability during produce transportation are important, and it is here the first solar panel installation on company trucks enters the picture.

GN Group

Cooperation and innovation create results

GN Group Kft. learned about these solar panels through EUROPART. Csaba Koncz from Green Energy/ has assisted in the installation of the first 110Wp solar panel set on GN Groups Mercedes trucks. He met with CEO Gábor Nagy for a talk about choosing our products.

“We were very interested after getting introduced to the products through EUROPART. This solution saves us fuel, as we avoid idling. The lifespan of the batteries is prolonged, and we ensure that our fleet can start their engines every day.”

Regarding the future, Gábor Nagy remarks, “we’ll get more installed, that is for sure!

We congratulate GN Group on their first installment soon to be followed by more for the benefit of the environment as well as their finances.

You can also save fuel and drive towards a greener future. Reach out to your local EUROPART department now and become part of a growing family of companies with a green drive.


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