Hans Beuge will keep your vehicle running with green energy

The German company Bosch Service Hans Beuge GmbH makes sure that your vehicle leaves the shop powered by new technology.

Back in 1985, mechanic Hans Beuge opened the doors to his business. Since then, it has grown, and today, it is a service center with the newest test and diagnosis technology offering service on all car brands and models. The newest addition to the extensive service that Bosch Service Hans Beuge GmbH offers is installment of solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro. They are now a certified installment partner and appointed service partner in the Mölln and Ratzeburg area.

Solid family firm with an eye for new technologies and collaborations

The company, which has always been a family business, has been run by Heiko Beuge since 2002. Through the years, it has always been a strive to be updated on the newest developments as to be able to offer customers the newest and best technology.

The expansion of service areas has been natural. In 2000 a contract with Bosch was signed, and the car service shop was then an official Bosch Car Service. With the acquisition of the tire service company Premio in 2007, Hans Beuge expanded with tire service. In 2008 a strategic partnership with KS-autoglas was finalized and another service was launched.

Now it is the new title as service partner for Green Energy/MIPV.pro products and the possibility to offer installment of flexible solar cells that this family company can add to their resumé.

Bosch Service Hans Beuge

New technology to serve customers is important

It is through EUROPART that Hans Beuge GmbH was introduced to Green Energy/MIPV.pro and the products that is now part of his service. Oliver Heinze, technician at Green Energy/MIPV.pro Germany, has contributed to the installment of a 2 x 2200Wp solar cell systems on an IVECO Daily Transporter. A 2000W inverter was also installed so there’s access to 220W power directly from the vehicle. The flexible solar cell system provides a safe and green power that is beneficial for fuel reduction and for prolonging battery life.

Mr. Stephen Bruns from Bosch Service Hans Beuge GmbH on why the choice fell on Green Energy/MIPV.pro products states: “We like your products, it’s new technology. No direct sunlight is needed. They’re flexible and very robust and sustainable. We will definitely recommend these products to our customers.”

Bosch Service Hans Beuge

We congratulate Bosch Service Hans Beuge GmbH on their new service and look forward to the collaboration that will benefit both customers and the environment.

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