Green Energy is expanding to Brazil with a new agent agreement

Green Energy/ once again expands the company’s green solutions to the transport industry. This time it’s Brazil

Brazil is the new focus for Green Energy/ since ITSMob (ITS MOBILIDADE LTDA) now functions as our agent in the country.

The agreement was concluded during a Global Passenger Network (GPN) meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At this meeting Green Energy/’s International Sales Director, Per Schmeltz and ITSMob’s director, Felipe Coelho, met to determine the conditions for sales and marketing of solar cell solutions in Brazil.

Both parties are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration focusing on driving green development and implementing sustainable solutions in the transport sector. To ensure the successful implementation of plug-and-play CIGS solar cell solutions, the company is sending a team to Vejle in August to participate in Energy/’s Training Academy. Subsequently, the certification and further training will take place in Brazil, so ITSMob can be equipped to deliver the best possible solutions to their customers.

Green Horizons in Brazil

The Brazilian market has shown great interest in Green Energy/’s green technologies. ITSMob already has advanced agreements with large clients looking for solutions for their trucks and refrigerator trucks, particularly in the medical industry. It’s a clear sign that sustainable solutions are in growing demand and will become a key factor in the future of the transport industry. 

Per Schmeltz, International Sales Director at Green Energy/ spoke of the agreement: “We are excited about our partnership with ITSMob in Brazil. Their strong position in mobility and tailored solutions make them an excellent partner for us. We also share a passion for creating a greener future in the transport industry in Brazil and the rest of the world.”

A joined belief in the product

The plug and play solar cell solutions bring more than just environmental advantages. With a  reduction in the CO2 emissions from the transport sector, they also contribute to lowering the global climate impact. This also entails cost savings on fuel – a noticeable advantage for the company implementing the technology.

“With ITSMob’s strong belief in our products’ advantages and their dedication to promoting them, we have found the perfect partner to spread the word about our green solutions. We are convinced that this partnership will pave the way for more sustainable and effective transport solutions nationwide,” says Per Schmeltz.

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