KD-Sped stands for quality and efficiency while emphasizing the environment

The shipping company will have the first solar panel set installed on the roof of its truck, and hereby KD-Sped shows the way and saves 500-700 liters of fuel annually

Focused on premium shipping and quality services for existing and new clients, the family business KD-Sped Kft. has offered international long-distance transportation since 2009. Based in Györ, Hungary, 60 dedicated and highly educated employees strive to meet client requirements and requests on time within the shortest possible deadline, often in a non-stop cycle due to great planning and drivers working in teams.

Focused on what is left behind

With efficient operation, good organization, and improvements in quality, the shipping company eyes the opportunity to gain trust and increased market shares. But it is equally important for the company’s owners and employees to focus on the legacy they leave behind for the next generation in order to create a greener world. By focusing on high efficiency with minimal environmental impact both when trading and doing their daily business, emphasis is placed on environmental protection. This is where the purchase of solar panel sets enters the picture with the environmental benefits it provides. With fuel savings of between 500-700 liters annually per truck mounted with solar panels, it is both financially viable and environmentally beneficial for the company.

Interdisciplinary cooperation beneficial for quality and efficiency

At KD-Sped Kft., they believe that their success depends on their employees’ loyalty. In a work community complete with challenges. Employees are encouraged and supported to educate themselves and develop further. The use of modern logistics tools helps sustain the leading position in the logistics and shipping business. Working in cross-functional teams is of great focus, and engineers evaluate requirements, estimate costs, designs, etc. The company drivers have the latest education and ensure on-time delivery in a safe manner. It is important that all employees feel a sense of responsibility as well as the value of their work.

The first build of green technology

Csaba Koncz from Green Energy/MIPV.pro has assisted in the installation of a 110Wp solar panel set on one of the company’s semi-trailer trucks, a Scania 500S from 2021. Csaba Koncz has spoken to the owner of KD-Sped Kft., Ákos Vigh, about choosing our products for his company.

We heard about your products through our local EUROPART and got an offer. The decision was easy with the company’s goal of caring as much as possible for the environment. The fuel savings alone are great, and our drivers avoid idling. With more experience gained from the first installation, the plan is to have more installed, and with 35 semi-trailer trucks and 40 trailers, there is a huge potential for reducing carbon emissions,” Ákos Vigh concludes. 

We congratulate KD-Sped Kft. on their first set.


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