Lady Godiva – A one-year sailing marathon on solar power

A family has sailed 12,000 nautical miles in one year. The solar panels installed on their sailboat, the Lady Godiva, managed the trip perfectly in the ultimate test

Choosing to take a year out of the calendar to go on a dream journey in a family-owned 50-foot Benetéau sailboat, requires planning. Part of the planning was to decide how to ensure power for boat equipment as well as crew phones, tablets, etc. Cooperating with Green Energy/ was the best solution and solar panels were therefore installed on the custom-built Targa bar on the boat.

Lady Godiva

An educational experience for the whole family

We meet Christian Bertelsen, skipper, deck boy, father, and husband on the Lady Godiva. “You grow as a human being and family on a trip like this. Everyone has enjoyed the experience. My philosophy is to have more memories than dreams, and those we have created as a family. It has also been healthy for our two children. They have grown incredibly on the journey. We have all had our tasks, and that is healthy, I believe”, Christian says.

The ultimate test of solar panels

Before departure from the Danish port of Juelsminde back in August 2021, a 440Wp solar panel set was installed, 8 x 55Wp solar panels, as well as a 30 Amp MPPT Charge controller. This was supplemented by 4 x 55Wp solar panels and an upgrade to a 50 Amp MPPT Charge controller. It was estimated that this would cover the power demands of the crew for this journey. “All in all, it has proven to be a reasonable set size. It would have been optimal with a larger battery capacity. But a boat only has limited space,” Christian explains.

Lady Godiva

No matter how harsh weather we have sailed through, how much salt water the solar panels have endured, or how much we have walked on them, they have kept up. They have been white from salt, and they haven’t failed a single time. They have endured what equals 15 years of regular Sunday sailing. We are very impressed with them”, Christian concludes.   

Green Energy/ welcomes the family home.

Should you want to learn more about the family’s journey, you can read more at Facebook: @sailing-lady-godiva or follow the family on Instagram @sailing-lady-godiva
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