Mipv.pro system app
Track fuel-savings, CO2, kWh and more

Mipv.pro system app - Follow your numbers

The MIPV.pro system app is designed and developed to work with our charge controller. The app allows you to track various parameters of your solar panel set, including fuel-savings, carbon emission savings, total production in kWh and much more. 

Our app is available on both Apple App Store and Google play:

Charge Controller app mipv.pro system app

Production insight from the palm of your hand

When you get your new charge controller, it must be registered in our app, that way you get an insight into all parameters directly in your hand. In the app, more charge controllers can be added and these can be named, so you can always follow the production of the various solar panel sets


All parameters available in the system app

Total production
Battery voltage
Fuel savings
CO₂ savings
Solarpanel set
live production GE
Live production

Even more functions are available in the app