Pfaff Spezialtransporte pulls the heavy load

Pfaff Spezialtransporte is the perfect partner for special transportation. Now it is driving greener with solar panels on the roof of its semi-trailer trucks

The year is 1961 and the 20-year-old owner of Pfaff Spezialtransporte, Ernst Pfaff, drives his first special transport in a used Volkswagen bus. Today, 62 years later, the company has grown to approximately 100 employees, 70 semi-trailer trucks, and two branches – growth built on many years of experience, precise task planning, and the right vehicles for the job. The next step in the precise planning has started with the installation of solar panels on one of the company’s semi-trailer trucks, a Mercedes-Benz Actros. 

Pfaff Spezialtransporte

The family pulls together for the company

The company, based in Hamburg from the beginning and later in Bremen from the 1980s, has always centered around the family as the crucial element. Ernst Pfaff’s wife, Christa, started working in the administration and both sons are well on their way to educating themselves as freight forwarders. Today the Pfaff name covers a wide range of working areas, like heavy goods transportation, a truck garage, and a department for machine cleaning and disassembly. If the client wants either individual services or the full-service package, Pfaff Spezialtransporte is ready with an on-time tailored solution. This is where the installation of solar cells enters the picture. 

Solar panels ensure engine start – every time 

Oliver Heinze from Green Energy/ has assisted in the installation of a 165Wp solar panel set on one of the company’s Mercedes-Benz Actros semi-trailer trucks. He has met with the deputy workshop manager, Tim Soetje, for a talk about choosing solar panels from Green Energy/ for installation.

We have a big fleet and precision is crucial to us. With the installation of solar panels on the roof of the trucks, the battery is charged without idling. It saves resources like fuel and prolongs the lifespan of the batteries. We heard about the products through EUROPART and together with good quality, good service and support, the choice was easy.” Regarding the question of more installations, the answer is a definite yes.  

Green Energy/ congratulate Pfaff Spezialtransporte on its first test set. 

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