Green power anywhere



Green power anywhere

To harness the green power generated by your solar panel set, you’ll need an inverter. The inverter is specifically designed to convert the produced power into usable electricity, providing a 230V outlet. This allows you to charge various devices or power appliances such as a microwave oven, coffee machine, or similar directly from the solar panel set.

Pure sine wave

A clean sine curve ensures that the inverter delivers electricity similar to what you’d get from a regular socket. This means that with a pure sine curve, you can confidently use most devices via the inverter without any compatibility issues.


An inverter for every need

1.000W - 12/24V

An inverter for smaller electrical equipment, e.g. cooler box, TV or laptop / mobile charging.

1.500W - 12/24V

With this inverter, you get the opportunity to use a smaller coffee machine, microwave and mini oven

2.000W - 12/24V

The inverter can be used for ordinary coffee machines, microwaves, steam cleaners, submersible pumps, lightweight power tools and vacuum cleaners

3.000W - 12/24V

Used for more demanding things, such as power tools, e.g. angle grinder, high-pressure cleaner, concrete hammer and heater

4.000W - 12/24V

This inverter is used for heavy-duty tasks, power tools, welders, generators up to 3 coffee machines and 2 microwaves

6.000W - 24V

This inverter is used for heavy-duty tasks, which includes heavy machinery, and in general big systems that require a lot of power

Which one to choose?

Choose the right inverter for the job

Choose the inverter that suits your needs. The solution should be custom-made in order to fit into your daily life especially when you are on the go.

The wattage displayed on the inverter indicates the constant output power. The peak power, which lasts for 3 seconds, is double that. All inverters have a soft start function to ensure trouble-free operation. The system is 100% reliable and naturally delivers pure sine wave. In addition, a wired remote control is included with all inverters.

With an inverter, you can continuously supply 230V power to connected equipment. This product is perfectly compatible with our CIGS solar panels and MPPT Charge Controller.


The inverter-role in a solar panel set


The CIGS solar panel produces electricity trough light, and not just specific rays from the sun. Even on a cloudy day the CIGS solar panels are capable of producing electricity

When the CIGS solar panel catches the light from the sun it converts it into electricity which in turn charges a battery. The battery is used to store the produced electricity, for you to use later. 

With a more powerful solar panel set it’s a given that you will produce more electricity

To make use of the green energy the CIGS solar panels have supplied to the battery an inverter is needed. 

The function of the inverter is to convert the stored energy into a suitable voltage so the electricity can be used to charge things trough a 230V output.

When the inverter has been connected and turned on you’re ready to use the stored electricity. No more idling to charge your electronic devices or brew a cup of coffee. Simply connect what you need directly into the 230V output of the inverter and the green energy is delivered right away.

Inverter for campers

Green energy solution for your campervan or caravan

Equipped with a 12V inverter with a 2,000W capacity, you no longer need to worry about switching between battery and shore power – the inverter does it automatically. It prioritizes green energy from the solar panel over shore power.

Constant effect with pure sine wave

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All you need for this product

Normal inverters
1.000W 12/24V inverter
12V order no.: 8000100012
24V order no.: 8000100024
2.000W 12/24V inverter
12V order no.: 8000200012
24V order no.: 8000200024
3.000W 12/24V inverter
12V order no.: 8000300012
24V order no.: 8000300024
4.000W 12/24V inverter
12V order no.: 8000400012
24V order no.: 8000400024
6.000W 24V inverter
24V order no.: 8000600024
Camping inverter
Camping inverter - 2.000W
Order no.: 8000230216
Userguides for the inverter
Normal inverters
1.000W 12V inverter
Order no.: 8000100012
1.000W 24V inverter
Order no.: 8000100024
2.000W 12V inverter
Order no.: 8000200012
2.000W 24V inverter
Order no.: 8000200024
3.000W 12V inverter
Order no.: 8000300012
3.000W 24V inverter
Order no.: 8000300024
4.000W 12V inverter
Order no.: 8000400012
4.000W 24V inverter
Order no.: 8000400024
6.000W 24V inverter
Order no.: 8000600024
Camping inverters
Camping inverter - 2.000W
Order no.: 8000230216
1.000 - 6.000W

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