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Waterproof T-box

Green Energy T-box
Green Energy T-box
Green Energy T-box

Power for your electric lift with the waterproof T-box

The waterproof T-box provides the perfect solution for powering your electric lift. Designed to be mounted under the bottom of your vehicle, this innovative system offers complete solar panel functionality, including a battery, charge controller, and panels. You can choose between a 220Wp or 380Wp solar panel set, depending on your specific requirements.

E-Certified and boasting 2.5 kWh of usable power, the T-box is equipped with a 250A continuous discharge capability, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions. Specifically designed for electric vans with tailgate lifts, it is aptly named the T-box. However, its versatility extends beyond vans and makes it suitable for electric pallet trucks and similar applications.

With its maintenance-free design and long lifespan, you can rely on the T-box for years to come. It comes with a standard 3-year full warranty, with an option to extend to a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind. Experience hassle-free power on the go with the waterproof T-box.


Ideal for electric vans with a tailgate lift – hence the name T-box

The T-box set includes
  • 4 CIGS solar cells: 4 x 55 watt panels (220Wp), or 4 x 95 watt panels (380Wp). The panels are prepared with glue

  • 1 roof cable entry box, supplied with glue

  • 20 metres of PV cable / including cable tie, crimp connector and heat shrink tubing

  • 1 maintenance-free T-box, with long lifetime and E-certification
Plug & play

Simple installation

When you purchase a T-box from Green Energy, you receive a complete package, so you don’t have to look for additional components elsewhere. Our plug-and-play system ensures easy setup, saving you time and effort.

The included solar panel set is ready to be mounted straight from the box. The installation is involving electrical parts and can cause harm if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not entirely sure about the installation, we advise you to contact a certified installer.

All inclusive

This is included when you buy a T-box

CiGS Solar Panels
Solar panels
MPPT Charge Controller
20/40 meter PV kabel
connection set
PV connection set
30/60A sikring
Cable entry box
Mobile glue
Universal fit

Custom solutions

With our plug-and-play system, we offer tailored installations to meet your vehicle’s specific requirements. Whether it’s powering cabin heating, 230V sockets, USB ports, or recharging hand tools, our system is adaptable for all vehicle types. This flexibility ensures you get the perfect solution without any limitations.

Our 3 mm CIGS solar panels are perfectly compatible with the T-box, ensuring optimal performance for your vehicle’s energy needs.


How a solar panel set works on vehicles


The CIGS solar panel catches the light from the sun, even in cloudy weather the CIGS solar panels are capable of producing electricity.

The light from the sun is transformed into electricity which in charges a battery. A larger solar panel set will produce a greater amount of electricity. The battery is used to store the electricity that is produced.

To make use of the power that the solar panels have added to the storage in the battery, an inverter must be connected.

The function of the inverter is to convert the current from the battery to a suitable voltage so that the power can be used for various things.


Once the inverter has started up, you’re ready to use the green power. No more idling to charge various electronic devices. Simply plug what you need directly into the inverter and you’ll have green power straight to you.

Care for the environment

A better world with less waste

The CIGS technology in our solar panels is an impressive technology that makes a significant difference to the environment. By using only about 3% of the total amount of material that traditional crystalline solar panels use, CIGS panels can significantly reduce overall resource consumption. Furthermore, CIGS solar panels have a shorter environmental “payback time” of only about 1.7 years, compared to the payback periods of traditional solar cells, which range from 5.6 to 30 years.

Another interesting detail is that indium and gallium, two of the ingredients in CIGS panels, are also found in your smartphone screen. In fact, you can produce 100m2 of solar cells with just one smartphone screen. It’s amazing to think about how much potential this technology has to improve our world and reduce our environmental impact.

Green Energy T-box
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12V: 8000600012

24V: 8000600024

incl. solar panel set
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