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Czech transportation company QuickTrans invests in new technologies. With solar cells installed on the roof of its fleet, they improve their operational reliability

The Czech Slušovice-based transportation company QuickTrans has decided to join the ranks of users with solar cells dedicated to trucks and buses. As the second business in the Czech Republic, they have tested the solar cells on one of the company’s Mercedes Actros tractor units.

A long tradition in road transportation

Quicktrans, with its headquarters in Slušovice in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, has more than 26 years of experience with road transportation. In 1997, they obtained the ISO quality certification for national and international transport by ATP (transport of perishable food) and ADR (transport of dangerous goods). Besides freight forwarding, the company has its own truck repair shop, truck wash, and petrol station. Today the company has more than 100 employees and a fleet of 70 vehicles, with all of them being in the category of EURO 6 with an average age of less than two years. Besides their own tractor units, they also have several vehicles from other actors at their disposal, which means that the total number of trucks is around 100.


Large demands ensure high quality

Every employee has to complete the course of driving with road trains in the C/E category, and knowledge about AETR (European Agreement on Transport), and all drivers receive education regularly. The company’s trucks, all of the brand Mercedes Benz Actros, EURO 6, are serviced regularly. Its continuous focus on high-quality solutions has now led to the installation of a 165Wp solar cell set on top of one of the company’s Mercedes Actros tractor units. The instalment will ensure fuel savings of more than 500 litres of fuel each year.

Piotr Dusza from Green Energy/MIPV.pro has been a part of the installation and certification. During the process, he met Marek Toufar, CEO at QuickTrans, for a small chat about why he decided to invest in solar cell technology. “Several drivers complained about the vehicles lacking electricity, especially during 9- and 11-hour shifts. Today we know that trucks need a lot of power to run an air conditioner, heating, fridge, microwave and other units and that the driver is very dependent on those things while working. We worry about the comfort of our employees, and we seek to make it possible for them to use the equipment without having to turn on the engine to recharge the batteries. We hope that this test of installing solar cells will make it possible to obtain sufficient electricity, save fuel and improve the drivers’ comfort and operational reliability. Furthermore, we will reduce carbon emissions – which is important to everyone” concludes Marek Toufar.

We congratulate QuickTrans on the installation.

Read more about the company here: www.quicktrans.cz

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