TIP GROUP – Where the green visions bloom

In the Polish branch of TIP SERVICE, green visions are implemented thanks to the installation of solar panels on a truck with a semi-trailer

The Polish branch of TIP SERVICE is located in Wrocław, the fourth-largest city in Poland, considered one of the leading providers of transport and logistics services. The TIP SERVICE branch has decided to become a company focused on ecological solutions and sustainable development. As a result, they choose to install Green Energy/MIPV.pro solar panels on the roof of one of the first MAN TGX trucks.

Innovation led by carbon awareness

TIP GROUP was founded in 1968 and has branches in Europe and Canada. The current fleet consists of over 120,000 vehicles. More than 800 employees work at 123 locations in 17 countries in Europe and North America. The company, and employees of all branches (including those in Wrocław), are aware of its carbon footprint. Although trailers and semi-trailers are not directly responsible for CO2 emissions, due to their design, they have an impact on the fuel consumption of tractors and trucks and deliver goods globally.


An ambitious plan to ensure sustainable road transport

Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is the company’s goal. Installation of solar panels in the Polish branch is part of the solution to this ambitious plan. The installation of solar cells on the roof of the MAN TGX will reduce fuel consumption.

Magdalena Śliwińska, a manager at the TIP trailer office in Wrocław, explains: “This great solution will help generate additional green energy. Our objective is to reduce carbon emissions. When drivers are on the road, they spend a lot of energy on parking, air conditioning, and other electronics. Thanks to the solar panels on the roof, the battery is always fully charged and ready for use. We are excited to see the reduced fuel consumption and better battery condition. After a successful testing phase, we plan to install more sets on our vehicles.

Global companies cooperate locally

Bartek Jankowski, country manager of Green Energy/MIPV.pro in Poland, has helped with the installation of a 165Wp solar cell set on one of the company’s MAN TGX. Flexible solar panels for vehicles were introduced to TIP Europe by the Polish company EUROPART Poland. Green Energy/MIPV.pro solar panels and additional products are sold at all EUROPART branches.

We congratulate TIP Europe Wrocław on their first installation.

You can read more about the company here: www.tip-group.com
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