Truck Force One delivers complete solutions for freight transport

Transport and logistic solutions. Truck Force One have the solution – with the environment in mind. With solarpanels installed in their fleet, they maintain higher reliability

Truck Force One Ltd. is a transport and logistics company owned by Attila Zöldi-Tóth and László Zöldi-Tóth, a family business. With its headquarters in Kistarcsa near Budapest, Truck Force One Kft. was established in 2006 in response to the growing demand for domestic and international transport solutions. Over the years, the family business has focused on environmentally friendly solutions. This focus has now led them to install solar panels on the roofs of their trucks.

Transportation runs in their blood

The owner of Truck Force One Kft., Attila Zöldi-Tóth, has been a part of the transport sector throughout his life. As a third-generation, who has dedicated his work life to the freight transport industry, it was in the cards from an early age that this was his path in life. After gaining experience from multinational companies he established TFO which he is running with László, Zöldi-Tóth as part owner – a company which have received large recognition on a national and international scale. Today the company employs 90 people and houses a fleet with 80 units.

Truck force one

A solution for every need

No matter if it is a Full Truck Load (FTL) or urgent deliveries TFO offers a solution that suits the customer’s current need. With their break bulk shipment, they offer a time and cost-efficient solution, while focusing on the environmental burden. Something the company has focused on from the early days. Another environmentally responsible solution that they offer, is their intermodal service, where TFO has been a key player since 2014 (intermodal freight transport involves the transportation of goods in an ISO-container or vehicle by using several types of transport without the need of acquiring the good itself when shifting way of transport. By being an intermodal freight forwarder the company have saved 3506 tons of local CO2-emission. Their focus on trying to minimise CO2 emissions have now led to the first installation of a solar cell kit on one of the company’s truck units.

The below chart is real-life data from the truck unit of Truck Force One Kft., which shows the exact saving of CO2-emission. The data has been compared with truck units without MIPV or similar vehicles with matching driving patterns.

Truck Force One

The installation is an investment for the future

It is Csaba Koncz from Green Energy/ who has assisted in installing the 165Wp solar panel kit on one of the company’s Scania R 450 truck. Here is a part of his talk with part owner László, Zöldi-Tóth who expresses his thoughts on TFO’s decision in having solar panels installed.

“In international transport, the energy requirements of all trucks are very high; constant heating in winter, constant air conditioning in summer, and constant extra power for devices and GPS trackers put an extraordinary strain on the truck’s starter batteries. A few years before Green Energy’s solution, we were already experiencing the problem with the batteries in our trucks during the operation of our fleet. We had a year where we had to change the batteries in a truck 2-3 times. It is a huge cost and extremely damaging from an environmental point of view that the only solution to this was to let the engines idle. Based on our experience over the past few months, Green Energy’s solar systems have made this problem virtually disappear, especially during the longer daylight summer periods. I am looking forward to seeing the new vehicles rolling out of the factory with Green Energy’s system installed, so that we can start reaping the benefits of the system from the first kilometre in our fleet in 3-4 years! There is no doubt that Green Energy is the future. There is huge potential in this technology!” says László Zöldi-Tóth.

We congratulate Truck Force One Kft. on the installation.

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The transport sector is one of the areas where it is easy to achieve Co2 savings by installing solar cells. All Green Energy/ solar cell solutions for the transport sector are negotiated through EUROPART, contact your local EUROPART department for more information on price and the solution that fits you.


You can download the Green Energy/ catalog here.