Green victory: Victor Odin Soria, first European Champion in E-Karting

Victor racing

Victor’s victory marks a green milestone in motorsport

The culmination occurred in December when Victor secured the top position in the European Championship, held across Europe. Few had expected that a 12-year-old boy from Denmark would stand atop the podium. But if anyone can achieve it, it’s Victor Odin Soria.

The first European Champion in electric karting

Victor’s victory is not only a personal triumph, but a national moment that positions Denmark as a country at the forefront of sustainability, even in motorsport. At the same time, the 12-year-old champion is a symbol of a new generation of drivers who, in addition to the pursuit of victory, also carry the flag for sustainability and technological innovation. This is a strong signal that electric karting is not only the future, but already a reality.

Victor Victory

Sustainable motorsport

Over the course of 2023, the team has experienced and learned that the electric front is facing significant developments in the coming years. With an awareness of these forward-looking trends, Victor has taken a big step by incorporating E-karting as a central component of his career. This has not only been a strategic choice, but a conscious positioning towards a sustainable future in motorsport. Therefore, 2024 will be the year in which Victor will intensify his commitment to the electric side of the sport, immersing himself in technological advances and further cementing his position as a pioneer in sustainable driving. This shift marks not only a personal development for Victor but also an exciting chapter for the entire team, as we look forward to being part of the electrified journey to new heights and victories.

Victor holds the key to success

Victor’s remarkable achievement proofs that dedication and determination can take you far, and his titles as Danish Champion and Sports Talent of the Year 2022 are a clear testament to that. But what makes this story even more remarkable is that in a sport where many competitors enjoy significant financial backing, the Soria family arrive with more modest means and drive their self-built trailer to the racing arena. Despite the financial constraints, Victor’s unwavering passion and disciplined approach consistently bring him to the podium, proving that true success is not solely defined by financial resources, but by the passion and commitment that Victor brings to every race.

Victor victory

2024: The year of Victor

With an impressive 2023 behind him, 2024 promises to be an even more spectacular year for Victor. His dedication to the sport and constant strive for improvement fuel his growing success. The European Championship is just the beginning for this young driver, who already has several exciting races on the calendar.

Become part of the journey

Victor is heading to the top in top gear, and this star promises to deliver an experience that people will remember for years. But Victor’s journey is not just his own; it’s a shared journey where support and partnership are essential. Sponsors who choose to be part of the journey not only gain exposure for their brand, but also become part of a team that shares a common vision of success, growth, and passion for motorsport.

Be part of this exciting journey where tradition meets sustainability. Become a sponsor here.

The entire Group Green Energy is incredibly proud of Victor’s achievements, and we look forward to following Victor’s future achievements and celebrating even more victories on the track.

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