VTR Nutzfahrzeug is driving towards a greener future using solar power

Transport solutions, salvage and towing, 24-hour service — VTR Nutzfahrzeug GmbH is always ready

The German company VTR Nutzfahrzeug GmbH is always ready with a specialized solution for everything from commercial vehicle rental towing to special transport. The company also provides training seminars for truck drivers.

VTR Nutzfahrzeug GmbH have chosen to have solar cells from Green Energy/MIPV.pro installed. Thereby they are one step closer to their goal of a green profile and CO2-neutrality.

Punctuality and excellent service

It is quite a fleet that is at the ready for anything from salvage, towing or freight transport. 100 semi-trailer tractor, 15 vans and trailers. Tire service is also available at the workshop in Einbeck. The bar is high with the strong slogan “We deliver to you, punctually, fast and safe”. It’s clear that this company takes pride in always delivering a professional service. This is also shown in their choice of prioritizing a department for continuing education of their truck drivers.

Green vision and flexibility

It is Oliver Heinze from Green Energy/MIPV Germany that has installed a set of 240wp solar cells and a 2000 W inverter on one of the company’s Renault Master, a van that is made into a mobile workshop.

The goal is to avoid idling, to prolong the battery life and have access to 220w in the van, so you can use machines and tools when out on jobs. This would be perfect in line with the company’s slogan. In addition to this, there is also a reduction of fuel. All these things are great for the environment and the economy. 

VTR Nutzfahrzeug

With the Danish-developed pure sine wave inverter from Green Energy/MIPV.pro, VTR Nutzfahrzeug GmbH is guaranteed an inverter with double peak effect and an advanced motor soft starter that makes it possible to use high-power machines. Read more about the inverter here.

We congratulate VTR Nutzfahrzeug GmbH with the new installment of solar cells. We are very pleased to be able in cooperation with EUROPART to provide green solutions. Visit the company’s website at www.ryll.com.

Contact your local EUROPART and drive towards a greener future.

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VTR Nutzfahrzeug

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