Green Energy recruits across borders

recruits across borders Danny Kint software team

Welcoming our new recruit Danny Kint, from the Netherlands to the software team

A warm welcome to Danny Kint, our new talented Embedded Software Developer joining us from the Netherlands. We are thrilled to have recruits joining us from across borders.

New adventures ahead

Danny and his wife, Tanja, made the bold decision to relocate to Denmark for a new adventure, drawn to the calm surroundings and abundant nature of Jutland. After visiting Denmark several times and falling in love with the country, they took the leap, with Danny just completing his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Discovering Green Energy

Danny discovered Green Energy through a job search on LinkedIn, he applied for the job and not long after a recruiter from Green Energy contacted him. After the first conversation between Danny and Green Energy, he was invited to the headquarters of Green Energy to meet in person. The in-person interview went smooth, and shortly after Danny joined our team as an Embedded Software Developer. It was a perfect match for his skills and aspirations. He was excited to embark on this new chapter.

Transitioning to Denmark was a whirlwind experience for Danny and Tanja. finding a place to call home, they navigated each step with determination and excitement. Despite the challenges, Danny felt welcomed from the moment he joined our team, embracing the warm hospitality of his colleagues.

As Danny settles into his new role, he finds fulfillment in the balance between work and fun. Gaming and programming projects provide moments of creative expression, but the real joy is exploring Denmark’s beautiful landscapes with Tanja, especially during the winter months when the country is covered in snow.


Embracing Diversity

Danny’s journey to Green Energy embodies our commitment to diversity and inclusion. His story reminds us that talent knows no borders and that each new addition to our team enriches our collective journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

As we welcome Danny Kint to Green Energy, we look forward to the contributions he will make and the adventures that lie ahead. Together, we continue to bridge borders and build a world where innovation thrives and diversity reigns supreme.

We are constantly searching for and recruiting the most qualified employees, so whether you have years of experience or you are a graduate, we encourage you to follow and keep an eye on our LinkedIn, where you can see available jobs.

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